New Umineko Figures and DVDs

Haven’t posted in a while. The Episode 6 translation hasn’t gotten very far; which isn’t all that surprising – translating from Japanese to English and still aiming for an accurate conveyance of the meaning is pretty rough – I had written a letter to the artist CreamSoda with the translation help from my friend Ronove (luv U ❤ <3) and still haven’t gotten a response back. I assume it’s because I probably sounded like a jackass!

Good news for those still aching for Umineko no naku koro ni merchandise though, the Note 05 DVD/Blu-ray is now coming out; sexy schoolgirl-whatever-the-fuck Beatrice-makura is what you’ll receive if you order the Gold Edition.


As well as a Maria plush (also a Beatrice one but I don’t have a picture of that), two Shannon figures, and best of all, me!

Eyes of a killer.

Happy figyu hunting!


Filler Post the 3rd!

Not much new to report these days; the Umineko anime ended a few weeks ago, and Episode 6 was released at Comiket 77, and along with it a deluge of spoiler-ish fan art! Translation progress (as far as I know) hasn’t started yet. The Note 04 dvd is coming out, the limited edition of which contains a double dose of dakimakura action, featuring Satan and Asmodeus!

You killed me, you bastards!

By double dose I mean there’s just the two of them on one pillow cover. Oh well!  If you’d like to order it, I got my Jessica dakimakura from Play-Asia, and they seem pretty solid; but it’ll cost you a hefty amount, around US$ 104, not counting shipping. If you have a coupon, use it!


Episode 5 Plothole

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t read this if you haven’t played End of the Golden Witch yet. Seriously!

Well, anyway, Episode 5 proved itself to be a slow, torturous and roundabout episode. The “First Twilight” and the subsequent closed room debates to place the blame on my mother for the crime ended up being discussed far longer than was necessary, although we got respite in the form of Battler showing up and kicking copious amounts of ass (at least once after getting his own handed to him). That being said, at the mock-trial, detective Furudo Erika’s constructed theory suffered more than a few holes poked in it, mostly in-game, but I believe (and this is probably not a new thing) I stumbled upon something that may just be the result of an error on the part of the writer himself.

Basically, we’re supposed to believe that, due to the cross-checking of alibis between the hours of 24:00 and 6:00 AM on October 5th, the only window of time in which the culprit could have committed the epitaph-like murders are within 24:00 and 1:00. The victims are located in the guesthouse, along with the (alive) servants Kumasawa and Gohda, as well as Doctor Nanjo, and Erika. But since everyone’s alibi has been checked, none of these suspects are guilty. In fact, the only person without an alibi is Natsuhi. If you’ve played the Episode through, you’ll know how that is supposed to turn out; however, some people might not have caught this tidbit.

But Rosa was one of the victims.

Rosa leaving at 1:00? But Rosa was a victim, and if Natsuhi is the culprit, the murders only could have taken place between the hours of 24:00 and 1:00. Are we supposed to believe that Rosa somehow manifested herself back in time to get killed by Natsuhi in the 2nd floor of the guesthouse? Wouldn’t it take several minutes just to walk there? So have I stumbled upon a mistake, a plot hole, or is this supposed to be interpreted as an intentional clue towards an alternative theory (besides the other one presented) about who is the culprit? The writing itself speaks in favor of it being intentional, but that would leave a gaping hole in Erika’s theory that neither Beatrice nor Battler caught.

Anyway, leave your thoughts in the comments!


Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch

The translation patch is now out for those of you waiting for it!

Get it here, courtesy of the Witch Hunt!


ep 5 translation updates

I’m not a big fan of following forums or 4chan or anything but good news! It seems that the Episode 5 translation by the Witch Hunt is drawing to a close and we may see the patch soon.

The forum thread about this can be found here.

“Now that we have reached this part of the patch, I guess a little update might be good.

The translation is now done (chrono needs a break I think: chapter 14 took a toll on him). Please note the emphasis however, as we still have many things at hand (editing so to speak).
That being said, we believe that releasing the patch the sooner as we can was the policy we always stick with. So as many could expect, there will be no delay (so no, we aren’t waiting for Episode 6).

As far as it goes, we “might” be able to pull the patch before the end of the year, but there is no ETA so to speak.
I’m just done after going through the whole game, save the tea parties for the whole day, 4AM right now… quite taxing for a rough first check (I can sense the joy for us editors, especially the bloody red )”


Filler Post; Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni English Version

More lovely artwork from CreamSoda:

Does this mean we'll multiply? Oh my!

There’s not much to post about regarding Umineko, it seems – however it has come to my attention that Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, in an official English translation, was listed for sale about a day or so ago. As the work that might as well have spawned Umineko, I present you with the link to purchase it if you so please:

Higurashi no naku koro ni at MangaGamer


dakimakura cover

To append my other post about the DVD while still making it look like I have something new to say, here’s something I didn’t notice on the site when I was looking over the Gold Edition of the DVD: the other side of the dakimakura cover.


Holy hell, I’m smokin’ hot. And compared to the other side of the dakimakura it’s just plain drawn better. Something else; someone on pixiv (13408) drew a quick sketch of what the front would be like if it kept that image in mind. I’m not sure if I can actually upload the picture here since it’s semi-NSFW, but here is the link to the illustration on pixiv (although you’ll need to log in first). Awesome!

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