Just a permanent place to put the theory until it’s debunked or not, enjoy!

This is something I wrote up on my Steam profile a few months ago, a theory from the visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, that which if you don’t know about, feel free to buy it and read it right away. Obviously I need more Umineko posts here, so here’s a recap of what I did write.

“At the second twilight, the surviving shall tear apart the two who are close.”

There is circumstantial evidence to infer that it is Shannon and I who are in love..!

If we assume that the second twilight is indicative that the two who are victims of it are in love, and Shannon and George have never qualified to be sacrifices for the second twilight in any of the gameboards, then we can assume that either..

A) They were not chosen simply because of the multitude of other couples that exist and were picked before.
B) They are not, in fact, in love.

It could be a coincidence, however..

During the events of Turn of the Golden Witch, it is implied that Kanon and I are victims of the second twilight. However, under no circumstances do any of the actual characters (besides Kanon and I) know the precise details of our murders. Moreover, Kanon’s corpse is never located, and thus we can argue that he is actually never killed. If the killings are carried out to the letter according to the epitaph, that means that it is the victim of the supposed “fourth twilight” that is actually the counterpart of my second twilight – and that would be Shannon!

Of course this complicates the order of the murders somewhat, however, that is irrelevant to the basis of the theory!

As an Umineko theory it’s totally sophistry, but lately I’ve talked with Battler (also on Steam) who bothered to help me formulate more helpful ideas to turn the theory into something that may very well be worth considering.

Basically, the idea that Shannon accepted George’s ring is supposed to show that they are indeed in love. But with this, we could also say that Shannon not accepting the ring could also mean that she does NOT love George. Unfortunately she does, so there must be a contradiction she makes at some point to give the inference that she actually does not love George and thus will take the ring for some other purpose.

Battler Ushiromiya: Lets suppose that scene x, shows Shannon not responding like a lover should in some way.
Battler Ushiromiya: So the blaring contradiction, is she still accepts the ring, when she doesn’t look at George like lovers should.
Jessica Ushiromiya: not saying yes right away to george when he proposes even though they are both lovey-dovey eachother
Jessica Ushiromiya: to
Jessica Ushiromiya: hesitation!
Jessica Ushiromiya: who knows what happens in the time after that it happens to get on her finger
Battler Ushiromiya: Contrapositive suggests then that Accepting the ring = Other purpose.
Battler Ushiromiya: Because of the contradiction, it’s the solution to why she accepts the ring.
Battler Ushiromiya: It’s basically the same as why Kyrie goes to the mansion when her line of reasoning is ‘Not going to the mansion = Not getting food”.
Battler Ushiromiya: So then you have room to suggest in blue that Shannon loves somebody else.
Battler Ushiromiya: Because if Shannon doesn’t love George, then she accepts the ring for another purpose, thanks to contradiction <x>.

Basically, all that remains to form this into a serious theory is that one scene that can truly be construed as Shannon not acting in a way that a lover should with George.

If you can think of something like that, feel free to leave a comment!


1 Response to “Shannon and Jessica Yuri Theory”

  1. 1 Al Nonymous
    November 3, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Hey pretty neat blog you have, though it looks like you haven’t updated it in a while!

    Haven’t read episode 7 yet, but after episode 6 I think this theory is starting to hold more water! Something about Shannon isn’t quite fitting together, maybe she really doesn’t love George?

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